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Our Product Explained

The Why?

"Better Sleep" Coco Mix is the FIRST product we’re sharing with the world because we believe Quality Sleep sets the foundation for a Healthy Lifestye!

But why stop there ... We wanted it to, not only improve sleep, but to also aid in strong Gut Health, Immunity, & Recovery.

So now, you can indulge in that creamy hot coco, rich brownies, or delicious milkshake, knowing it's actually BENEFITING your HEALTH!

A win-win solution in the form of chocolate ...

Your Next Super Dessert

Can't Sleep?

60% of people say they struggle falling asleep, staying asleep, or wake up sluggish!

Our 20+ Powerful All-Natural ingredients team up to support the bodies major systems so you are ACTUALLY able to relax, sleep & wake up REFRESHED

Why No Melatonin?

When Melatonin is taken frequently it can effect your bodies normal melatonin production.

Shawn Stevenson author of sleep smarter says "What’s [being] seen clinically is that taking melatonin supplementation decreases the function of your melatonin receptor sites. They start to downregulate and your body stops knowing you can produce it."


Vitamins & Minerals

Loaded with ingredients, such as pomegranate, acai, goji, several roots & mushrooms that all proviode your body with natural whole vitamins & minerals. This is crucial for OVERALL HEALTH.*

Gut & Digestive Support

Digestive Enzymes along with superfoods & nutrient-dense ingredients that help keep the gut & digestive system STRONG.*

Supports Recovery

Filled with Superfoods, Antioxidants, & Adaptogens that help the body's recovery process allowing you to feel better quicker.*

Immune Support

Powerful ingredients that help nourish & elevate the bodies nervous system, immune system, gut health which all help the body STAY HEALTHY.*

Overall Health & Energy

Yes, this is a sleep product, but the result sleeping better & the powerful ingredients working together lead to a more Energetic & Health Life!*

Zoom Calming Coco Mix
Zoom Calming Coco Mix
Zoom Calming Coco Mix
Zoom Calming Coco Mix
Zoom Calming Coco Mix
Zoom Calming Coco Mix
Zoom Calming Coco Mix
Zoom Calming Coco Mix
Zoom Calming Coco Mix

Calming Coco Mix

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